The Baconization of the world originated in one brainstorming session between two slap happy creative people. It started with door hangers. These door hangers were invites for folks to come to a happening block party. But how do you make a door hanger fun? Bacon of course. A huge strip of bacon. People feel strongly about bacon. It’s ushered many a vegetarian into the meat world. It has kept many a carnivore in the meat world.

So that was the groundwork. Over the course of the year, Andrew drew many a Bacon picture, mostly during early morning meetings. Karen, delighted by these masterpieces (except “Sad Strip”), hung them on the wall of her workspace. “Sad Strip” made it too.

The Bacon doorhanger never got made, but there is still time…

Andrew Kessler:
Based in Brooklyn, NY, Andrew Kessler is currently writing a book about working with the scientists of the Phoenix Mars Mission. How cool is that?

Karen Ingram:
Karen Ingram is also based in Brooklyn. More about her here. While you’re there, request a postcard. They’re free, after all.

Thank you:
Johnny Kim for the design and Aimee Kreider for the help with code. Muças graçias!

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  1. Lermie:

    i love hard-boiled eggs!

    oh, and your book’s pretty good too : )